About Our Server!

Our Minecraft Server aims to create a unique welcoming community with casino and minigame game modes, allowing both Java and Bedrock players to play together and have fun on one server!

How To Join:

Joining our server is easy for everyone!

On Java Edition (normal PC edition) use the IP: java.birdmc.net

On Bedrock Edition (mobile, console etc.) use the IP: bedrock.birdmc.net and leave the port as default (19132)

Some versions of Bedrock Edition (mainly consoles) require extra steps to be able to play on custom servers, the easiest way to join on console is to use apps such as 'BedrockTogether' and follow their instructions on how to play. Ensure the app is on the same WiFi network as your console and be sure to keep the app open at all times. If you need help with the process, join our discord, open a support ticket and we will be happy to help you!

To find out more about our server, click on the the buttons at the top of the page or check out our discord!

Our Server Rules!

We have a list of rules that players must follow to ensure our community is a safe and friendly space. Failure to follow the rules will result in warnings and bans from both the Minecraft and Discord server. The rules are listed below. Further specific rules can be found in the discord or Minecraft server.

- 1. Be cool, kind, and civil. Treat all players with respect.

- 2. Use English only. Communicate in English, but be considerate of all languages.

- 3. Use an appropriate name and avatar. Avoid obscenities and impersonation.

- 4. Do not spam. Avoid excessive messages, formatting and commands.

- 5. No self-promotion or advertisements unless they are posted in proper channels on Discord.

- 6. No sharing of personal information including emails, passwords, location etc. Protect your privacy and the privacy of others.

- 7. No harassment, abuse, or bullying.

- 8. No racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+, or otherwise offensive content. We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech.

- 9. No political or religious topics. This is to avoid controversy and keep the community friendly.

- 10. No piracy, sexual, NSFW, illegal or otherwise suspicious content.

- 11. Rules are subject to common sense. Loopholes are subject to enforcement.

- 12. Use of hacked clients is strictly forbidden.

To report anyone breaking the rules, use /report in game or open a support ticket on our discord server.