On BirdMC we use a coin based economy system, below you can find information about the coins and how to earn them!

There are many ways to gain coins on the server, here are all the current options:

  • Daily + Weekly Rewards (Increased with rank)

  • Playtime Rewards (Increased with rank)

  • Voting for our server

  • Vote party reward

  • Purchasing coins from our store

  • Earning them from minigames or casino

  • Joining our discord server and linking your account

  • Crates and pouch rewards

  • Giveaways on discord server

This in-game currency has no real world value, and cannot be redeemed for any real-world benefits. It serves no purpose outside the server. Coins cannot be traded between players for any value - this is strictly against the server rules.

If you have any questions or issues please open a support ticket on our discord.